Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This came to my email today:

I had a few cds of Slaying The Dragon, but never heard it myself, one morning on my way to work at the probation building, I popped in the cd, and I was on chapter 1 when I got to work.  I left the cd in my system so it would automatically play when I got back in the car. That morning my boss (who is agnostic) had to pick up equipment for the office and he didn't drive his car to work, so I let him borrow my car. I wasn't thinking about the cd at that moment, but when it was time to clock out, and I was leaving for the day, I turned on my car, and the cd started playing on chapter 8! So I suspect that he was convicted of the strong message to have listened to it for that long!  I did get to share the gospel with him later. - Miriam

If you haven't heard Slaying the Dragon, click HERE. It's worth your time and investment.

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