Friday, December 20, 2013

A 95 Year Old Man with a BIG Purpose...

My friend Bill from Sermon Audio sent me an email this week about a 95 year old man who is giving his life's savings to insure that every home in Austin, TX receives a copy of the Gospel of John. That's over 435,000 homes, close to a million souls!

Read more here:

And here at the Gospel of John Project pages:

The gang at Sermon Audio is asking for prayer for all the homes that people will come to know Christ.

God bless you all and Merry Christmas!


Falsified Ministries said...

This like made my whole day! VERY cool. We will be praying...

I just said to Vince..this man wasn't busy collecting shells in his retirement. (Reference to Piper's amazing sermon on that...still love to hear that one)

Blessings and thanks for telling people of this!

Sydney Weaver said...

Young or old, we are called to witness. We are called to give our lives for the one who gave it all for us :)

Thank you for posting about the 95 year old with a big purpose!

I looked at the Gospel of John campaign and listening to a few videos right now! What an awe-some outreach!