Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Reporter Responds to "180"

I just emailed a news station about the "180" Movie. In the email I told them the gist of what "180" is about, explaining to them that it opens with several American College age students who have no idea the identity of Adolf Hitler. I encouraged them to watch it and that Ray Comfort would like to offer it to them formatted for TV at no cost.

I immediately received this response from one of their reporters: "I gotta say I find that very hard to believe. Even a person with virtually no education at all knows Hitler."

To which I just responded back: "For confirmation, I went with a few friends downtown and asked young people the very question that is asked on 180: "Who is Adolf Hitler?"…

One young 20 year old looked at me square in the eye and as serious as a heart attack, he said, "I don't know….uh…was he a Muslim terrorist?"

And I turned to another young man in his twenties and asked the same question, to which he responded, "Well, uh…was he one of the Presidents?"

Sadly, this is what is happening all across America.

"180" is jaw-dropping. It compares the Holocaust to a modern day Holocaust happening in America right now. "180" has nearly 2.5 million views on YouTube. It's worth your time.

After you watch it…please email me your thoughts."

Let's pray that this reporter watches it and shares it with the news staff.

If you haven't taken the time yet to watch "180" do so tonight.

Have a great evening, friends.

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Azou said...

Did you also mention that 180 pushes an anti-abortion message with a side of religious proselytizing?

Because you're being incredibly dishonest otherwise.