Thursday, July 28, 2011

Did you know Ray Comfort has a daily "Live" 28 min TV program? It's called, "On The Box", check it out...

Thank you to Ray and Tony for having me on the program last Friday. You guys are doing a great work! Oh and did I mention that I love the new Living Waters shirts. They don't collect dog hair, they are iron free, they wash up great and they are conversation starters!

"On the Box" is a daily (Monday through Friday) live, 28-minute, web-based talk show hosted by Ray Comfort and the Living Waters team.

Trisha Ramos (


TRiG said...

Ah, Bananaman is still going, is he? I thought he'd retired.


xflowahsx said...

I love the handbag!

Trish, you wrote a post about modesty, I'm curious what you think about designer clothing, etc? I think that's somewhat modesty related...

Fish With Trish said...

The only designer clothing I wear are those that are given to me. I have an Aunt that is very generous. She has been given me designer clothing for years (thankfully we are pretty much the same size so it works well). As long as it is modest then I have no problem with it. I typically shop at places like Ross (because I don't like to spend a lot of money on clothes). said...


From what I have seen, although Ray is not as active writing new blog posts lately, there has not been the slightest pause in his preaching the Gospel to the lost.

Besides that, his efforts to teach and train Christians to proclaim the Good News in a Biblical way appear to have at least doubled.

TRiG, have you read the entries in the Evidence Bible (it is available on line) under the subject headings of Jehovah's Witnesses and of homosexuality? Both topics are given a very respectful and Biblically sound treatment. There are some good notes about atheism as well.

Best to you,

Craig Boyd