Monday, November 22, 2010

New Radio Program...

If the Lord wills, I'm going to launch a radio program in the days to come. It will be geared towards women. We'll discuss things like: modesty, evangelism, how to be a good homemaker, how to find a good church, issues with food, tips to tame our tongues, joy, contentment, finances, missions, discipline, sexual purity, etc. etc. I want to hear from you. What should the program be called? Give me your your name ideas below. God bless.


Anonymous said...

Sounds great. I really like the sound of this show. Is it to be an online radio show? Will we be able to listen in the UK?

Lydia said...

I'm not good with names, but I'm so excited about this! Will it be available online?

Fish with Trish said...

No Place Like Home, yes you will be able to get the program in the UK. Thanks for asking!

Fish with Trish said...

Lydia, yes you will be able to listen online. Thanks for asking and thanks for your support. P.S. I'm not good with names either.

peggy said...

'Christian Living' with Trish
'A Cup of Encouragement' with Trish
'Principals for Living' with Trisha Ramos

my email is

Stephanie said...

No names coming to me yet, but I'm so excited about this program! Especially if it will be available as a podcast, as I can listen at work.

God bless you in this endevour, Trish!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear that we will be able to listen online.

I like what Peggy said
"Christian Living" with Trish
"A Cup of Encouragement" with Trish

Jameka Williams said...

I look forward to listening! I'm drawing a blank in regards to the name. Whatever it is, keep us posted!

marusha said... about "Bible Women" or "I am woman, hear me pray" or um..."The art of submission" I dunno, maybe someone can brainstorm off of these and come up with the title.

Fish with Trish said...

Here are the brainstormed names so far (taken from my blog, facebook, etc):

-The Christian View
-The Daily Dish with Trish
-Dish With Trish
-Covered Dish with Trish
-Time Out with Trisha
-Women of The Walk Talk
-Women of The Way Radio
-Trish Talk
-The art of submission
-Bible Women
-Christian Living
-A Cup of Encouragement
-Fish With Trish Radio
-Souled Out Radio
-Wretched Women Radio

bassicallymike said...

How's about "Righteous Babes, By The Book" or "Righteous Babes,Living By Faith"?

I know this has been somewhat of a sexist term in the past, but when viewed in the context of Rom.1:17 and 1 Peter 3:4, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Giselle said...

"Women of Hope" In Christ alone there is hope!! Excited for your new show - I am a women who hopes we get it in Canada!!
My email is

Charlene said...

Yipee! Trish, this sounds great. How about "The Good Part"? I know it sounds really lame but the reference scripture that made me think of it says a lot about what we women struggle with--the reference scripture is Luke 10:41-42

dede said...

(Thank you Lord) and thanks to all who inspired my thinking on this post...

*Fundimentally Free in Christ w/Trish
*Free Talk for Women-in-Christ
*Let's Walk the Talk for Christ w/Trish
*Walk the Talk for Christ w/Trish
*Walk the Talk w/Trish
*Women Living for Christ w/Trish
*Women Anchored in Christ w/Trish
*Anchored Women Talk w/Trish
*A Woman After God's Own Heart
*Women After God's Own Heart
*Heart Talk w/Trish
*Heart2Heart for Christian Women
*Mary or Martha..Choosing the Better
*Sixty-six Love Letters to Women
*Faith Worth Living
*The Word Himself for Daily Living
*Daily Desiring Christ

I look forward to this endeavor!

dede said...

couple more came to mind...

*Good News Talk w/Trish
*Women Listen..My Sheep Hear My Voice
*Doing for the Master Talk
*Women Living for the Master Talk Radio
*Grace for Women
*Women Soldiers for Christ Talk
dede <><

Marcey said...

Trish - I think that is awesome. Here are a few ideas:

- True Biblical Femininity with Trish
- Trish’s True Biblical Femininity
- Trish Talk – Women and the Bible
- Trish Talk on Biblical Womanhood
- Truth Talk with Trish (Women and the Bible)
- Trish and the Truth on Godly Womanhood
- Trish Talk on Godly Womanhood
- Talk with Trish on Godly Womanhood
- The Truth with Trish (Godly Womanhood)

Katrina said...

I like "Fish With Trish". People know it, it's easy to remember......and I'm sure evangelism will be part of this radio program just like it is a part of everything else you do.

marusha said...

Wow! I like Katrina's idea "Fish with Trish" it was right there all along!

I also like the "walk the talk" idea.

Now, I want to point out that the word "dish" has connotations of gossip. Sorry if I offended anyone.

Anna Havanka said...

How exciting!

Maybe I'll repeat because there had been some good names, just count it as a vote!

- Biblical Womanhood Radio with Trish
- Amazing Grace Radio
- Fish to Fish with Trish

If I can think of more, I'll post.

Mrs. B said...

Eternal Perspective Radio

Eternity in View Radio

Crucified with Christ Radio

Not I, But Christ Radio

For His Glory Radio

By His Grace Radio

Women of the Word Radio

Women of Faith Radio

From My Heart to Yours Radio

Walk by Faith Radio

Faith Walk Radio

Faith Works! Radio

Faith Alive Radio

Feminine Faith Radio

Female Faith Radio

Blessed Hope Radio

Living Sensibly Radio

Living for Jesus Radio

Journey with Jesus Radio

Live out Loud Radio

Run the Race Radio

Every Thought Captive Radio

Sister to Sister Radio

She Shall Be Called Woman Radio

Mrs. B said...

Thought of some more:

Woman to Woman Radio

Girls of Godliness Radio

Grace Girls Radio

Girls of Grace

Joy in the Journey Radio

Pursuing Christ Radio

Pure and undefiled Radio

Living Hope Radio

Saved by Faith Radio

Deeds of Faith Radio

Works of Faith Radio

Love in Action Radio

Born of God Radio

Born From Above Radio

By Faith Radio

Faith Alone Radio

Truth in Love Radio

Conformed to Christ Radio

Christ in Me Radio

Let Love Abound Radio

Ladies of Loveliness Radio

Aroma of Christ Radio

Ladies Living for the Lord Radio

To Spur You On Radio

Mrs. B said...

Last one... ;)

Daughters of God Radio


Daughters of the King Radio

Thanks for letting me share all my ideas, Trish.


Linda said...

I just found your blog! Can't wait to read more, listen more. God bless you and your ministry... :D