Friday, October 15, 2010

The Yelling Pilot

Yesterday I handed a pilot and his crew gospel tracts as I was exiting the plane. I walked up the ramp and heard a man's voice yelling behind me several people back. That's always unnerving.

I looked back over my shoulder. It was the pilot. He was yelling at me!

"Thank you." He shouted with a huge smile on his face as he raised his hand in the air holding up the gospel tract.

Then to my surprise, he began loudly quoting a whole slew of bible references.

"John 3:16! Romans 3:23! etc."

I lifted my arm up to point to the Heavens and quoted a reference back, "Isa 26:3-4!".

The folks behind me must have thought we were on another planet. This was the best reception I've had in a while. He ran out of the cockpit to find me. God bless that man and God bless Ray Comfort for opening my eyes to the necessity of gospel tracts so many years ago.

6 comments: said...

You know Trish, I remember way, way back B.C., being at the beach (Corona del Mar or Newport). Christians from Calvary Chapel would come up to witness. I never wanted to talk to them, but I took the Chick tracts, and I did keep them and read them.

I don't know if those encounters played any direct role in my eventually coming to Christ, but I always remembered those guys, and appreciated their politeness and saw that their concern for me was genuine.

Sowing seed Trish, sowing seed.


Jameka Williams said...

Bless the Lord. This was very encouraging!

River Glorious said...

Thank you for sharing that, Trish.

In Him,


Linda Martin said...

What a great story! Thanks for sharing the encouragement.

Fish with Trish said...

Craig, funny that you'd mention this because I sat in-between two gentleman. The one on the right of me looked like Mr. Universe. He was huge. I wanted to preach the gospel to him but he had earphones in his ear the whole time with loud music.

The man on my left was a tall and lean business man. Both of them took the tracts that I gave them. I thought for sure they'd leave them in the seat pocket in front of them but they didn't. Mr. Universe took the tracts and put them in his pocket.

Eternity will show the results.

Keep pressing on.


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