Tuesday, December 22, 2009

There Probably Is A God...

Hat tip to my friend Richard Gunther


Logic Lad said...

And your evidence would be ??????

Reynold said...

Let's see: His arrival predicted beforehand?


As to the angels which were to have announced his birth, what evidence is there of their existance in the first place? To believe in angels one must already subscribe to your religion.

For the "thousands" of people who were to have witnessed his "resurrection", where are they? We have a few "accounts" in the bible, that's it.

I hope you're not referring to the so-called "500 witnesses" or something, since only one book of the bible even mentions them, with NO accounts from ANY of the witnesses themselves.

BathTub said...

Logic Lad, if it's to Gunther's usual level of scholarship then the complete absence of evidence is his evidence.