Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hmmmm....Brian McLaren to Practice Fasting During Ramadan to Better Understand Muslims

What ever happened to just preaching the Gospel to Muslims??
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ExPatMatt said...

How did it go? (didn't Ramadan end a few weeks ago?)

A friend of mine who considers herself to be a 'non-practicing Muslim' fasted this year for the first time and said (at around day 36) that she felt more spiritual for the experience.

I asked her if that was a euphemism for hungry and she said; "yep, probably".

Messing with your body's natural workings in order to bring about a 'spiritual' (read: 'hallucinatory') state, seems ridiculous to me.

I'm not sure why Brian didn't just fast for Lent instead though...

Angel said...

You know, I could understand it if he had decided that he would fast during Ramadan for the souls of Muslims, but to fast in observance of it to better understand Muslims ... I don't get that.

ExPatMatt said...


That would make [more] sense.