Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Enter To Win Black Leather TRACT Handbag on CWO!

What comes in the bag:
-1 pack (set of 100) Million Dollar Bill Tracts
-1 pack (set of 100) Headstone I.Q. Test
-1 pack (set of 100) Hey Kids
-20 Sets of Curved Illusions
Deeper look inside. Curved illusions fit nicely in the side pockets.
5 pockets--perfect for tracts (2 conveniently placed on the outside).

Handbag fits nicely over the arm.

Some of you have emailed and have had trouble
finding the link to enter. I guess when you click on the
cover of the Christian Women Online Magazine it doesn't
always send you to the right spot. So here's what to do...
Click HERE to enter your name into the drawing.


JesusRulzMe said...

I love the pics Trish!

Oh, and btw, the CWO cover does work. It's actually quite neat how Darlene set it up - it's a "working" cover in that if you click on a title, it takes you directly to the article you clicked on. So if your readers want to read your interview, then they need to click on either your pic or your tag line "Trish Ramos is Here!".

Hope this helps everyone! :-)

Fish with Trish said...

Thanks Sunny. I was wondering why it would take me to different links sometimes. Thanks so much for the tip. Really cool.

bell said...

Trish I loved the 6 part you tube video you put up, it was great.

Fish with Trish said...

Lisa Strand is the winner of the Tract Handbag on Christian Women Online!

Congrats! How exciting!

Please send me your shipping address to email [at] and your Tract Handbag will be in the mail.

God bless you, sis!