Monday, February 9, 2009

Celebrity Millions Guessing Game

A creative way to hand out the new Celebrity Million Dollar Bills. Maxx sent this photo in to Living Waters and on the center of the board it reads, "CAN YOU NAME THESE CELEBRITIES? Free million-dollar bills...Give it a try then take one home!".
Look what Maxx writes:
"Trisha or to anyone else receiving this email on the Living Waters team... Just wanted to pass on to you a photo of a way we're using the celebrity million dollar bills, the photo is attached. We've had great response to it here in Monterey. It's of course amazing to see how many celebrities people can name compared to how many of the 10 Commandments they know! But the board is a great way to catch people's attention and as an icebreaker. Every time I hand them their chosen bill and then ask them the million dollar question, the encounter has led to presenting them a full Gospel message."

Have you handed out the new Celebrity Million Dollar Bills yet? If so, what's been the response from people? Do you have any creative tips or one-liners for these tracts?


Anna "Banana" Jackson said...

That would go over GREAT at Ambassador's Academy down on the Hollywood strip.

Nate said...

Love the idea! Nate

Stargun said...

Really great idea and I was thinking today this would even be great to do like around a Movie Theater or a video store like Block Buster, Holly Video, ect.
Thanks for the tips

Its ALL about JESUS !!! said...

Totally AWESOME Trish!

A great way to witness. BTW, thanks for the 'Blessing Wish' on Ray's blog. He really has a great team of Christians workig with him.

In His Love,
Terry Burton

Justin said...

Great idea! I just may order a few packs now. I was afraid cause frankly I don't know a good bit of celebrities.

Fish with Trish said...

Justin, you'll be happy to know that Living Waters will be coming out with some new ones real soon...and they will be even more identifiable. I can't wait to see them.

Justin said...

Thanks Trish! I'm excited. :-)