Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Way of the Master Radio Podcasts

A few of you have emailed and asked if I have access to the old Way of the Master Radio Podcasts. Well, here they are--simply click on each year:

The Way of the Master Radio Podcast

You'll be happy to know that a good friend, Dennis Cain, and member of Sovereign Joy Community Church was a long-time listener of The Way of the Master Radio and has posted podcasts on his website. If you would like to send Dennis a note of thanks for making this available to us, send it to:
d [at]


Matt said...

This is so cool. I was in the middle of catching up and was almost done when the WOTMR site was taken down. I can now finish listening to them!

Timothy Glass said...

That's great Trish, I will past this on. Thanks !!!
All for the Glory of our LORD JESUS CHRIST !!!

Lydia said...

Yay! I was up to July 2007 when they were taken down. Thanks Dennis and Trish!!

Rory Gabriel said...

THANK YOU TRISH !!!!!! This is great, thank you so much. Bless you sister.