Saturday, November 1, 2008

Be sure of it...the liberal media wouldn't cover this...

Yesterday, I was in California for the Ambassadors' Academy and while we were on Hollywood Blvd open-air preaching, doing one-2-ones and passing out tracts... a large group of Christian young people, that weren't associated with us, did something that caught my attention. Watch this--it's very encouraging...


Stargun said...

That was great!

netski said...

Hi Trish!

You know what I was there we were praying 4 d city of LA. We're part of the program MCLA ( Masters Commission LA 10th months discipleship training )! Remembered I emailed you about it. We're part of the Angelus Temple church where there are a lot of ministries at Dream Center that we can involve but too sad they don't have the evangelism ministry. They do have outreach ministry (that's the ministry that I choose here at MCLA) but they're not preaching the gospel its more on build on relationship. So Im kinda frustrated about that. I think Im gonna talk to them about preaching the gospel biblically not only building relationship ( like helping d poor, encouragement & those stuff). So Pray for me..

Anyway when I saw you guys everywhere doing the OAP ( Open Air Preaching) I was like " wow.... way of the master ministry are here " I got to talked to one of you guys that I luv your ministry and Im doing it too at Oslo,Norway. I didn't know that u were there too I would luv to meet you. Dang.. miss it.

I'd like to join with you guys here at LA and go to a biblical church too but there are lots of things that are mandatory here that I can't leave and do other stuff than from this program.

So What you think? Thanks for your email by the way.

Fish with Trish said...


I totally remember your email. I would have loved to see you in person...I just thought it was so neat that you guys were praying for the city...but I immediately thought to myself, 'I wonder if they share their faith and talk to people about Christ'.

Thanks for posting a comment. I would love to send a team of people to you guys, to train you in biblical evangelism...please don't hesitate to email if you think that a door could be opened for this.

I know you already support what we do and that is a huge blessing...perhaps the Lord will give you the boldness to talk to some of the leaders about it.

Listen to some of the comments of what others have said...

"The Way of the Master will rank in the top most important books ever written on evangelism. It ranks with and in my opinion is better than Spurgeon's, Soul Winner which I must say has been one of my all time favorites." Ron Begin (FL)

"I am at a loss for words. Overwhelming, distressing, and enlightening. I feel as if I have just taken a drink of water from a fire hydrant!"--Jason Stewart (CA)

"I have over one thousand books on evangelism, soul-winning, and revival in my personal library, and none of them are worthy to be compared to this book." --Pastor R. W. Jones (TX)

"Hell's Best Kept Secret has completely destroyed my theology. What was first anger toward you, caused me to search the scripture, and has now turned to a sincere thank you." Pastor Jerod McPherson

"I have served as a pastor, Teen Challenge Director, Crusade Director for David Wilkerson, and missionary, but never during those years did I encounter an evangelist with a more life-changing message." -- Pastor Bob Rogers, Dallas, TX

"After a thousand revivals and area crusades I have used a lot of soul-winning materials. 'Hell's Best Kept Secret' is the greatest single tool I have ever found." Evangelist Larry Taylor

Netski, you could give the gang at the Maters Commission these quotes (above) and then send them too: and have them listen to "Hell's Best Kept Secret" on line (free of charge).

Just a thought...

Blessings to you.

netski said...

Hey Again!

Yes.. Im praying 4 d boldness too so hopefully by this week I'll talk to to the leaders here about sharing the gospel using the 10th Commandments. I know some of them have already heard the Way of the Master ministry. I'll tell them that if they're willing to do WOTM of sharing the gospel that you'll even send a team to teach us how to share the gospel biblically. Well in Norway I haven't done Open Air preaching yet but mostly Im doing the one 2 one.

I've already watched the Hell's Best Kept Secret & True and False Conversion and how true & biblically it is.

That's true that there are lot of ministries here that you can get involve but ya even at outreach ministry( reaching for the lost ) they dont even share the gospel or maybe don't know how. I've already talked to one of the student here that its not only building a relationship ( encouarage & help people) but it's important too to share the gospel coz we never know it could be too late already.

So Are you still here in LA? That lady that I got to talked to said that you were doing the Ambassador Alliance how many days you were doing that?

netski said...

Oh ya... they're always talking about how we can change the world through us. I was like " Yes we can change the world by sharing the gospel and people get saved "

Anyway... that's just a thought..

Fish with Trish said...

Netski, nope I'm back in Texas. I'm praying for your meeting with the leaders. Keep me posted on how it turns out. :-)

Jessie said...

This is a bit off topic, but kind of not. In all the things that happened in the election, there was some good that came out of it. All the states that had the gay marriage issue (including CA) on their ballot voted to ban it! Sadly, none of the states that had abortion on their ballot voted to ban that. But hey, at least we can look at a few positives, right? That and the fact that God is still Sovereign, still in complete control, and has a greater and more perfect plan than we can ever imagine or understand.

netski said...

Hi! Good news... I emailed u about it! Just email me back ok! =)