Friday, November 7, 2008

He chose Christianity over Islam...

Shion was on The Way of the Master Radio last Thursday.
He was raised in a Muslim/Christian home.
"I chose Christianity over Islam but I'm struggling
with how Christianity can be be so
black and know heaven and hell...
but what about those people that never hear of Jesus"
Ray Comfort answered Shion's question during the segment.
And as Ray began taking him through
the 10 Commandments I watched him start to
puff...puff...puff away on his cigarette rather quickly...
I guess the Law has that sort of effect on people. :-)

Shion was very reasonable and spoke with me
for quite a while after the program.
He got a good look at the curved illusion gospel tracts too...

Shion admitted that he never read the majority
of the bible before. By the end of the witnessing encounter
he gladly agreed to read the book of John and Ephesians 5.
To listen to the broadcast click here:
November 06, 2008 - Hour 2
It starts about 20 minutes in to the hour.

Shion, if you're reading this...I'd love to hear
how your bible reading is going.
You can post a comment
or email me at email [at]
Thanks for being on the program!

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