Monday, November 24, 2008

Enter to Win MY LAST Copy of "The Love Dare" (Autographed by Kirk Cameron) as seen in the movie FIREPROOF.

We're switching things up a bit for this entry. To Enter the Drawing to win this autographed book, here's what you should do:

We have installed a hit counter today (on the right side of my blog under the profile) and if you're on my blog when the hit counter turns to 15, win a copy of "The Love Dare" (signed by Kirk Cameron). But first read the details to claim the book.

Okay, I realize it may take a year for my blog to get that many hits...but we will extend this drawing until we hit the 15,000 mark...even if it takes a while. :-)

Here's what you should do. If you are the 15,000th person to view my blog, either take a photo of my blog and email (email [at] it to me as proof that you were the 15,000th person, or hit the "print screen" button and that will capture the blog (make sure you can see the hit counter before you hit the "print screen" button you can paste the picture onto a paint document after you print screen)...then send me an email as proof that you were the 15,000th person (it should look sort of like what I've capture here on the right). If it get's close to the 15,000th mark (within 15 hits give or take) send me a photo and if no one sends a photo of the blog with the counter at "15,000", we will choose the person who comes closest to the 15,000th mark to win the book.
Open to U.S. residents only.

"The Love Dare" it is based off the movie FIREPROOF. Did you know that only five times before FIREPROOF came along had a movie been made for a budget of $500,000 or less and done more than $30 million in box-office receipts. FIREPROOF has done extremely well in the theatres! You can check out the website at


Jessica said...

Wow Trish. It's already on 298! It may not take as long as you thought to get to the needed number! I know this is one book I WON'T be winning though. I'm so forgetful I will forget to go back to your blog every day!

ApollyMan said...

Fish with Trish said...

Hi ApollyMan, thanks for entering the contest but you might want to go back and read the post...we are implementing new entry rules this time around. :-)

BillyD4GOD said...

Nice!! Cool contest Trish, I am not in a hurry to to need the book as I am still single and the lord has directed me to stay that way so I can better focus on what he is teching me and how he is going to use me during and after college..Just thought I'd let you know this former addict is one final away from the Dean's List at school and made the 2nd highest grade in the whole math department..AMAZING GOD IS! I guess one can say that you never know where faith can take you and it will far exceed your expectations as it has me, i am humbled and grateful and remember daily the impact the time in the theater with Kirk and Ray has had on me..I am taking actual Communication courses the semester and am excited and working letting go and letting relieve of my fear of spreading the Gospel on the sidewalks and campus at school!! It is working one day at a time!! Praise him!

Andrew said...

These contest are great.