Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weep with those that weep...

Catherine was on The Way of the Master Radio today and was hurting deeply when I found her. She had expressed that her husband wanted a divorce and he broke the news to her last night! I had no idea that she would pour out her heart out on the radio...but she did...and it continued in to the commercial break and I watched her as tears streamed down her face beneath her black glasses.

After she handed me the phone, I went over and hugged her and said, "Oh Catherine...I'm so sorry for what you've gone through....I'm so sorry!"

She didn't want to let go of me...she just held me tight...and that broke my heart.

Emilio and I ministered to her for a long time and she was receptive.

Catharine was a precious soul that had been through a ton of suffering. Jesus said weep with those that weep. When people suffer and experience hardship in life, at times it's best just to listen and learn and then share the Gospel. Catharine could not deny the words of the disciples when they said, "Where will we go, You alone have the words of eternal life".

We explained that this is why Jesus said " of good cheer, I have overcome the world". We are never going to get through life and its various trials and tribulations looking to ourselves or to others; the only way to see our way through life is by identifying, or better yet, being identified with Christ.

As disturbing and distressing as the hardships of this life may be, we explained to her that they pale in comparison to the wrath of God which is coming upon all sons of disobedience, that is why we must look to Christ and not ourselves.

Christ offers us true relief, something Catharine is desperately looking for, but that is supremely displayed in our inheritance of eternal life, not necessarily in this life. Jesus, who suffered more than any other human that has ever lived provided the way to final and ultimate rest.

We let her pour out her heart and then we went over the law again and gave her the good news of how she could be forgiven once and for all.

You can listen to the segment HERE the program starts about 40 minutes into the program.
Then listen to the Hour 2 HERE--Todd does a great job of sheading light on her situation and suffering in general (a must listen to).


lordstrophy said...

Listening to Katherine broke my heart but at the same time reminded me that God does give us beauty for ashes....I pray that she finds the healing that the Lord can provide....I lived through some of the same situations she went through and even though the memories are still there, the pain has been replaced by the glory of salvation......God has blessed me abundantly through His sons death and ressurection...He provides the peace, the forgivness and the joy to overcome....

Melanie said...

I heard that broadcast and it just reminded me that there are probably many others out there like her, especially right now. I pray that she comes into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and that she is okay. God bless you guys for looking for her today (I am listening to todays broadcast right now).

Wretched said...

Trish! Please write a blog about Isaac! I want to hear the followup he sounded soooo lost! Did he change his feelings on the Gospel at all?!