Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A new one-liner for handing out the Million Dollar Bill Tract...

It's a small image, but apparently during a protect of Wall Street recently, someone was using a Living Waters Million Dollar Bill Tract as part of the protest. Dennis Cain found this image was on the front page of CNBC.com, Saturday morning, October 18. The bill is one of the early versions I think.

Here's a new one-liner that someone emailed the ministry:

"We were recently handing "million dollar bill" tracts out at a local event and came up with the idea of saying "here's your government bailout money" OR "did you get your bailout money yet?" and people were very receptive and LOVED IT!" Nate

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Chris said...


I think this is a great one liner. I'll try it out today.

Thanks for the heads up.