Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A long awaited email!

Just the other day I was praying that I could see more fruit in my evangelism and then Justice emailed me! Remember this young man (below)? He was on The Way of the Master Radio back in February and told Emilio, Cameron and I that he's been "looking for God"....that was a day I never forgot...

...Well, after almost 8 months time, he emailed Fish with Trish last night and said: "I would like to know what church it is that yall go to. I want to start going. I didn't realize it until later that night what a true blessing it was talking to you."

Thought you all would be encouraged by this update. When I got the email I could hardly believe my eyes!... I immediately ran into my husband's office and told him the news... and within seconds I was in tears...Glory be to God!


Jeannette said...

Wow, what an amazing God. Thank you for your faithfulness Trish!

Wretched said...

Wow! Praise G-d! I do remember him. He seemed very sincere. I was hoping to hear an update like this.

Mark Sohmer said...

Yes, I remember that witnessing encounter, and the follow-up.

Thanks for posting about the email. That should be an encouragement to all of us!

God doesn't ever have to show us in the life any fruit from our labors, but it is so sweet when he does. Praise God!