Sunday, October 19, 2008

Could it get any better?? The DEEPER conference in Woodstock, GA was incredible!

If you were at the DEEPER Conference, I'd love to hear from you!
Did you enjoy it? What break out sessions did you attend?
Did you learn anything new? Were you as refreshed as I was?
Were you as convicted as I was?? :-)
Leave a comment below, I want to hear your thoughts...
First Baptist Church of Woodstock, GA

Kirk Cameron teaching.
Todd Friel and Ray Comfort listen in the background.

Dr. Marshall Foster teaching.

Todd Friel interviews Paul Washer for the WRETCHED television program.

Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis speaks at DEEPER


David & Clarissa said...

Hi Trish...several of us here in New Zealand would have LOVED to go to Deeper Conference...too far for us to travel unfortunately. Do you know if it was recorded for DVD?

Richpo the Unmagnificent said...

WOW! And ___PRAISE GOD___! Words will never do this conference any kind of justice! My wife and I had an absolutely awesome time. And Ray had to go and rebuke Kirk for preaching too long!!! ;-) September 2009 can not get here soon enough for the next one.

It was a pleasant suprise to see you, Trish, wandering around and talking to people both days! Thank you for all that you do to serve Christ!

I got pictures taken with Ray and Todd. Perhaps next year I'll "bug" you for the same.

Take care, keep preaching the Gospel and Soli Deo Gloria!


Noiz said...

It was a wonderful time! Thank you for your work behind the scenes.

Wretched Sinner said...

Trish, I don't even know where to start. Deeper was one of the most amazing experiences in my entire walk with Christ. The speakers and their respective messages were right on target, and the fellowship I experienced was without equal. To be around such a large group of evangelistically focussed Christians is such an encouragement. And I know this must have been tough on all the staff & presenters, as there were constantly hords of people trying to meet and talk with you. (I think I saw Paul Washer being followed to the bathroom!) But yet each of you you were so gracious and humble, that alone is an encouragment and I thank you for that. I tried to sit down last night and recap my weekend on my blog, but it is going to take a while for me to articulate this experience (feel free to post the images if you want). Here are a few pictures that I will treasure...until we all meet again. :)

Trish & I

Justin Peters & I

Ray Comfort & I

David "Hip Hop" & I

Paul Washer & I


Chris Fontenot said...

It was an honor to meet you, Trish. Paul Washer is a FREAK!!!! I wish I was half the Christian man that he is!! I could sit under his teachings for a solid month and not get enough!! That man should be the catalyst for the next great revival in America. I pray that every Christian in this country could hear him exhort us to Biblical Christianity. I have to admit that I have recently let the lackluster concern of other "Christians" to put a wet blanket on my commitment to evangelizing but Paul helped change that.

Ken Ham and Marshall Foster were powerful presenters of the truths that they specialize in teaching. Ken is hilarious as well but you'd never know it by looking at his pictures. That 90 second presentation of "what probably happened" on the day the door closed on the ark!!!!....WOW!!! I still get goose bumps when I think about it.

We drove 11hrs from Baton Rouge to get there but it was worth it! We went to downtown Atlanta afterwards and preached on the subway. Gave me motion sickness a little. We don't have subways in Louisiana so it would take some getting used to. Talked with some great Atlantans and had some precious encounters with the Gospel truth. Trish, regardless of how discouraged we may get from time to time because of apathy by some "Christians" for the lost, I was a part of a precious group of nearly 500 true believers bent on seeking and saving the lost. We finished up around 10pm Saturday night and gathered around to sing praise and worship afterward. I am so blessed by God to be in a family of His children....some who have never witnessed but, by the power of the Holy Spirit, in faith opened there mouth for the Gospel. Thank you LORD for lettimg me be a part of that. We love you Trish. Keep up the great work and may our God and Father richly bless you and Todd and all of The Way of the Master family.

Alexandru said...

May God Bless Paul Washer!

Melanie said...

I didn't go but one of these days I will. I really want to shake Todd Friels hand and thank him in person. I so appreciate all of the dialogues that he will engage in with the critics. I learn SO MUCH from them. I really am eternally grateful. :)

Anyway, I'm sure it was awesome!

WayneDawg said...

I was a great pleasure to meet you Trish (and all the WOTM team).

I can't articulate the words properly enough to describe this past weekend.

Awesome is about all I got!

The icing on the cake was going into Atlanta (B.E.T. Awards section for me) and taking the Gospel to the streets!!

Keep up the great work!!


Peggy the Truckdriver said...

The highlight of Deeper for me was shaking Todd's hand and thanking the man who got me saved. It was an emotional encounter as I explained to him how I got saved listening to him on Sirrius radio while driving across America. He literally saved my life. I wanted him to know that every time he turns on that mic I'll be there along with extreme gratitude. The praise and worship was indescribable. I tried to sing the songs but only got past a couple of words and just stood and cried through the rest of the song, and the next one, and the next one.
Thank you Trish for all your hard work and long hours behind the scenes. Thank you for everything, again - thank you!
I too can't even process all of this yet. I try to read my Bible and after one verse just weep before the Lord in gratitude. All these tears are so unlike me I know God is doing a great work. Deeper is over but the best of my life has only begun!

Katie Mullins said...

My whole family came from Springfield Mo to attend the Deeper conference. We were not disapointed! It was worth the long drive. The teaching was very deep and challenging. We are already planning next years trip. P.S. It was a blessing to meet you at the conference. I will keep entering your book drawings!

Euaggelion said...

Hey Trish!!

Deeper was GREAT!! I just can't put it into words how great it was being around that many Christians who have a love of God's Word and reaching out to the lost. The fellowship was just as great as the sessions.

And it was nice to actually meet you in person.

My group with "The Five Hundred" went to the "Gay Bar District". The Fox Theater was there too. We actually spent most of our time around the Fox Theater because that is were most of the traffic was. There was a Broadway play showing that night, named of all things, "Wicked".

We showed up right when people were showing up for the play(Divine timing??). We had three open air stations set up around the Fox Theater. You couldn't get to the theater without passing an open air preacher.

We met a little resistance. A man from the Fox Theater told us that they owned the sidewalk in front of the theater. We didn't argue so we moved to the corners of the block. Then a police officer came around and told us we could not use amplification. So, we had to open air the old fashion way..talking really loud.

I have to say this was the first time I've ever had trouble with people not taking the million dollar bills. A vast majority just lowered their heads and ignored us like we didn't exist. But, there were a few who graciously took the tracts and even a few who stopped and talked.

I wasn't the only one who noticed how "cold" the people treated us. Our group leader Frank said that he didn't even get that kind of response when he open-aired on Hollywood Blvd.

But I personally handed out about 80 tracts and talked to several people one-on-one. And most of all the Word of God was proclaimed!!

Payton Dooley

Nate said...

Thank you Trish and everyone from LW and WOTM for such a wonderful conference. As Todd said on Monday's WOTMR, "it was a taste of what heaven will be like". Nate Binghamton, NY

guitar425 said...

It was an honor meeting you Saturday. Deeper was a very profound event in my life. By the way I was the guy from Dayton, TN. God is really doing something in my life. God used this conference to open my eyes to some things concerning ministry opportunities. It seems that those who attended have the same things to say. God bless you.

Mike said...

Deeper definitely held up to it's name. I remember thinking a little skeptically before I went that the conference would be good, but I didn't figure I would hear much of anything I hadn't heard before (because of being consumed with everything WOTM for the last 2 years). Boy was I wrong. This was the most powerful conference I've ever attended. God took me deeper for sure. I can't begin to explain how the Lord spoke to would take too long. So to sum it up, I went to Todd's break-out on Friday. Nothing short of excellent! At the end when he was explaining the OT shadowing of marriage...OH MAN that was so good! Todd hit a grand slam. On Sat, I went to Ken Ham's break-out. I found his ministry to be so interesting and also learned a lot listening to him. But the most powerful to me was Paul Washer. Ohhhhhh boy, I can't even explain how the Lord used his words to speak to me. The portion of his sermon about the cross was so powerful, it has been life-changing for me. Oh, to get a small glimpse of what happened on the cross (not the suffering), but with God pouring his cup of wrath out on Jesus and turning away from I also heard Paul explaining this to someone at his product table in even greater detail. That still has me blown away and in awe of what God did to save the undeserving. Also, the Lord's Supper was the most powerful one I've been a part of. It's safe to say to everyone at WOTM, mission accomplished at Deeper. I'm already making plans to go back in 09. Awesome conference guys. Glory to God!

Jeff said...


Paul Washer's breakout is available from HeartCry Missionary Society.


Jeff Horne
Marietta, GA

Fish with Trish said...

Thanks Jeff for the link--I usually don't allow links to go through but I know this is a good one and will be a blessing to many people (so I'm breaking my own rules). :-)

Linda Martin said...

The Deeper conference was just wonderful. The best part for me was seeing my teenage daughter take it all in and then witness to two people in the Atlanta subway station. Wow.

Yes, I was convicted and blessed. I loved the worship--such a joy to be with committed believers. The hymns on Friday night were so deep and moving. I wish Scott Krippayne would do an album of those hymns.

I went to Ken Ham's and Todd's breakouts. Both were excellent. I'm so glad Paul Washer's is online; I hated to miss it.

Of course, all the LW/WOTM staff were just super, as always. We feel like we know you because we listen so much, but you don't really know us from Adam. But you'd never know that from how we are treated. What a joy. Thank you, Trish, Todd, Ray, Kirk, EZ, Mark, Daniel and everyone else I'm forgetting or not knowing for a truly blessed two days. Can't wait for next year.

GenesisOne said...

So much information it is going to take some time to sort out all that I learned and digest it. Taking communion at Deeper was the most amazing communion I have ever been a part of. I have been listening to Kirk and Ray and have implemented Way of the Master into our church with the crash course on evangelism class. I have also listened to Paul Washer's teaching but at Deeper I was introduced to Ken Ham and Marshall Foster's ministries. I learned so much from them such as how we should not take our beliefs so lightly and we all should learn some history and apologetics. Kirk made a great point that apologetics are important to keep you in a conversation but you should always keep an eye on the cross and be sure to preach the gospel. Todd's teaching on types and shadows made me appreciate the beauty of scripture more than ever before. Paul Washer was incredible, he even stayed after the conference was over and talked to a guy, while a crowd gathered around, for at least an hour. I couldn't help but think that was how the apostles and the early church did conferences, discussing Jesus Christ while a crowd gathered around to learn from them. I have learned more in the 9 months since first hearing HBKS than I have in the 10 years since I was saved. Thanks Trish for you website and your faithfullness to share the good news!

Lily said...

Hi Trish

Ohhhhhh how I didn't want it to end! The Deeper Conference was sooooo good!! Most solid, most informative, most God-honoring, best worship time EVER. I took a lot away from this conference and can't thank all of you guys enough for making this conference happen. Not only was the teaching just THE BOMB (I was clinging onto every word, and I totally didn't even notice that Kirk's message was 90 minutes! I still wanted Kirk to go on!! lol), but the fellowship with other like-minded Christians and getting to meet all of you guys (whom we only get to hear the voices of usually) and going out afterwards to pass out gospel tracts etc. was... beyond words! I've never had the same experience and it's definitely pushed me beyond my usual comfort zone and challenged me a GREAT deal!
Oh and side little note: it was definitely cool to be sticking a million dollar bill out to some stranger walking by you only to find out that they had already been hit with a million dollar bill from someone else! Going out with such a big group that night, we even gospel-tracted each other by accident (since we didn't personally know everyone who was part of The 500 Event!! It was great.

I just have to make a note about the worship time. I wrote this in an email to the WOTMR guys but I have to mention it again here...
Amazing amazing worship. Scott played the piano and sang to God while we all worshipped along. It was amazing to have worship that wasn't "showy" or "overly dramatic" but was just simple. Just pure worship. I did not miss at all the regular interruptions from a worship leader to instruct everyone and encourage everyone to "worship God more" by "lifting your hands... just lift them up... come on everyone!... God is worth it, sing it like you mean it!! .... " or other shoutings like that. In the worship time at the Deeper Conference, Scott became the background, the back drop to worshipping God rather than being the forefront center-of-attention and distraction from worshipping God (even though Scott played the piano well and was super talented). And just loved having hymns in the mix, with scripture verses rolling on the screen. Words/lyrics in a worship service can't get more biblically sound than that. For once, I can confidently say that my emotional moments and tears during worship weren't due to the worship leader but rather, due to God. God Himself, dying for an unworthy wretch (Romans 5:7)... unfathomable. Just truly unfathomable.

It was nice to end up staying in the same hotel as you and running into you in the lobby. It was great to meet you in person after being used to only hearing you on the phone, doing the phone fishing on WOTMR. Trish, thanks for making it possible for another Way Of The Master book to make it back to Vancouver, BC to be passed on!!! Thank you so much!

When my sister and I got back home from the conference, my sister said to me that this conference basically made it so, that she would never actually need to attend another conference again! This conference contained everything that was needed!

Again, glad to get to meet you and the WOTM gang! Already thinking about Deeper 2009....
Love you guys!

Much love,
Your Canadian sisters in Christ

P.S. - Can I say one more thing lastly? Ray Comfort is one of the nicest and kindest people I've ever met! (we love you Ray!!)

bmcadoo said...

Hi Trish -

I just thought that I would leave you a quick comment. Deeper was an awesome conference! I went to the Paul Washer and Ken Ham breakout sessions. I wanted to go to Todd's breakout session but, I had to pick and so, I chose Paul's.

The worship was fantastic. A beautiful blend of great old hymns as well as newer music! The rich doctrine that was shared!!

The line-up of speakers was great. There was so much to hear and too little time.

I was convicted of how unprepared I am to share the Gospel and defend the faith.

I learned so much and participated in the 500 event afterward. I am still new to witnessing and it was very challenging. I was a bit discouraged. I was so grateful for our conversation in the lady's room. You encouraged me to read your Women's Resources link on your website and talked about the 2challenges.

The challenges are great and easy steps for us newbies at witnessing!

I am so looking forward to Deeper next year and am already working on inviting others!


Steve said...

Had an awesome time at Deeper! What a blessing to meet you Trish. The preaching was so rich. I was surprised to be able to actually chit-chat with the WOTM gang. Everyone was so friendly. Have a blessed day and know that you and your husband are being prayed for.

Steve Wood

Christina said...

We weren't able to attend this year but we are planning and saving up to go next year. We're in Canada so we'll have to fly will be SO worth it. I know I will end up crying through the whole thing. My husband and I hunger for real Christian fellowship which is quite lacking in our lives right now. No one is interested. :-(

johnMark said...

I was looking forward to this conference since it was in my backyard, but was unable to do so.

Thanks for the wonders pics and review.


Haukman66 said...

Hey Trish, it was a pleasure to meet you at Deeper. It was a great weekend with such solid preaching. Paul Washer was incredible, and so was everyone else. Going out with the 500 on Saturday nite was also, an experience I will never forget. Cant wait till next year. God Bless. Kevin

Fish with Trish said...

Thank you all for your encouraging's great to read what the Lord did at the Deeper Conference and it was wonderful meeting many of you in person.

And if you don't already know you might be interested in a website where you can purchase all of the sessions from the conference on CD or DVD. Visit and click on Deeper 2008. (there I go breaking my own link rules again) :-)

jcdisciple said...

I was there and with the exception of seeing a few of Way of the Master programming in the past, I had never heard this kind of preaching before. God used Paul Washer that weekend to radically wake me up to evangalism. I am forever changed and CANNOT WAIT until this year.