Thursday, September 11, 2008

Megan wasn't too happy today

Hour 1 and 2 of the Way of the Master Radio Today!
Hour 2 with Megan comes first...

The writing (below) is from Richard (rtt) who I found at the Southlake Town Center. He emailed this to me tonight after he wrote it to his friend who does prison ministry, in Florida. It explains today's encounter with Megan in great detail. Thanks Richard for emailing and for your unexpected help today! Blessings to you.

"hey..guess what.? i got to visit with Trish near our offices when i went to have a late lunch today. trish witnesses to people and gives them a chance to go on a live radio show (via cell phone) to share their beliefs. you might be familiar with it. it's called "The Way of the Master" radio. I've listened many times over the past few years. They also have a television show with the same name. I've seen a few of those too. the hosts are todd friel and ray comfort; and sometimes, kirk cameron (from the growing pains tv show)...

trish first came up to me and asked if i had a few minutes. she didn't get too far into her introduction before i interrupted and explained that i loved that show. i've heard her introduce people onto the radio and their subsequent interviews with the hosts, so i knew kinda how things worked. she asked if i wanted to help and i said, "of course!". for the next 1 1/2 hrs, i got to help with the two live interviews, take pictures and hand out those famous one million dollar tracts.

since she was speaking with other people too, trish asked me to follow up with one of the people after their radio interview. this one was a college student attending oregon state university.

first, i want to say that, while listening to that interview, i had no idea of what to say to her. All i could do was to pray that the Lord say, through me, whatever it is that she needed to hear so that He would get all of the glory.

these are mainly paraphrased because it was all such a blur and only had a few moments before she rushed off.

during the radio interview, i could hear her say that she was a Christian and believed in God but that Jesus was a man and believed that all paths lead to God and that every religion was basically valid (or equally invalid because she thought that man was corrupt and that since religion was man-made, it was also corrupt); and that no one would or should be judged. i could tell that the hosts asked the normal test questions, "have you ever lied? have you ever stolen anything? etc.." and i heard the typical responses. i don't know all that was said on-air, but since i could hear her side of the interview, i knew she was a little upset at the end. i know, from the past shows that i've listened to, of its sound theology in Jesus as Christ and i know that they explained to her how we are saved by Grace through Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross. I've heard how some people react to that news; some repentant, some receptive but tentative, others angrily and some not so nicely. being on this side of the radio, i didn't know what to expect.

after she hung up, i asked her how things went. she didn't think they (the hosts) were fair and she reiterated the corruptness of man and religion and that all lead paths to God and the hosts were not open to her beliefs. while she was gathering her things, i asked a few questions. she told me that she felt like she was 'attacked' and that the hosts were not "open" to other beliefs and that was wrong.

i asked if she believed in God and she said, 'yes'. i agreed with her on the corruptness of man and there are many false doctrine in the world. so I asked that if she believed in God ( being an all-powerful, omniscience God) why He couldn't protect His own Word.? i thought that she, being a college student, might think more in legalistic terms; so i asked if she knew that Christ (also being God) did not write His own Book for a reason. Jewish law required at least three witnesses in a court for any testimony to be validated as truthful. you could never be your own witness.

by this time, she was up and ready to walk away but stayed and talked with me a little while longer. her friend was waiting in the background. i told her that i heard some of the questions that were asked. since she didn't find that it was right for someone to judge her (or anyone (even God? i didn't get to ask)), that if she had found herself innocent or guilty based on the Ten Commandments test.? she didn't answer. i asked again. no answer. she again explained that all religions led to the same path. but then added, "...well, except for those that do violent acts or blow themselves up."

i asked, "why those? whose morality are you using to judge them? if all religions are valid, then what about those that are obviously opposites? by your own belief, those that cause violence are just as valid as any other." i could tell she was thinking but also ready to leave. i tried to explain that they (the hosts) cared about her and just wanted her to hear the truth. as she left, i thanked her for her time. i don't think she was too happy about the whole experience. which is probably a good thing. she shouldn't be happy and hopefully she will seek out truth and find it in Jesus.

i pray that God will use His Words that were spoken to remain within her. i, of course, was wholly inadequate at the task and so will prayerfully leave it to Him. I was just thrilled to have the most tiniest of parts to with trish. rtt"

Hour 1-Tanya: Click HERE (it starts at the 40 min. mark)
Hour 2-Megan: Click HERE (it starts at the 20 min. mark)


Anonymous said...

A Prayer for you,

Lord Jesus I PRAISE YOU for the work that You are doing through Trish, The Way of the Master and The Ambassador's Alliance. Lord I lift these all up to You now and pray that You bless these ministries that they may effectively go out into all the world so that we may see REAL disciples who are serious about Your wonderful Will for their lives. Please just encourage Trish and these others when things seem so discouraging. Again I thank You Jesus for these ministries and help me to pray for them more consistently.
In Jesus' Name
So Be it!

Sam said...


My the Lord bless you, and be with Megan. May He soften her heart. I hope she will one day realise the Truth that was spoken to her that day.

NYC said...

It's so sad that Megan was unwilling to herself in the light of God's law. We were all like that once, weren't we? You were faithful to share the Gospel with her, all we can do now is pray that her heart be softened.