Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jack Mormon

Meet Devin.
He was on The Way of the Master Radio on Monday.

Devin talks to Ray Comfort. Emilio and I not only got to share the whole Gospel with
him but we shared with his friends as well.

I think Keith (left) was really was struck with the Gospel.

He said, "If I were to die tonight, based on God's standards I'd go to Hell."
And that really concerned him.We shared the Good News with Keith.
He was totally receptive and asked where we go to church.
He said he'd email us. I sure hope he does. But more importantly...
we pray he repents and trusts in Christ if he hasn't already, along with Devin!

Listen to the broadcast September 29, 2008 - Hour 2
(it starts about 20 min. in to the program)

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