Monday, September 22, 2008

"I've got to see it to believe it!"

Hour 2 of the Way of the Master Radio

Confused about which way was the right way, Adam claimed that everything was "confusing" and that it was impossible for him to know the true religion or the choice he should make. But we quickly shared with him that agnosticism was a choice as well, that agnosticism presupposed the acceptance of all sorts of facts that he could not verify either.

We simply told Adam, who was very pleasant and kind with us, that the Bible says the real problem is not a lack of data but of humility. It is not that Adam needs a bigger IQ but a new heart.

I pray for Adam who is being influenced by liberalism and agnosticism—none of these worldviews shed any light about the deep issues of life. Adam needs light, or we could say, The Light, Jesus Christ!

If you didn't get to listen to the program, you can listen to the full segment here:
September 18, 2008 - Hour 2 (it starts about 40 min. into the program).


Wretched Sinner said...

We can only pray that he believes before he sees. As always, great work!

Jason and Vanessa said...

indeed our problem is not our IQ but our heart of stone.

wow, great follow up by Emilio! love the video and love the song ;)