Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ray witnesses to a green-haired kilt and fishnet-wearing Wiccan with “LUCKY” tattooed on his lip

As I was walking out of the mall today
I was praying that God would lead me
to the right person who would be willing to be on
The Way of the Master Radio Hour 2 and just moments
later, as I was exiting the food court, I spotted this young man.
He was having a smoke outside.
I walked right up to him and explained to him what I was doing.
"Hi my name is Trish and I'd like to know if you would be willing
to be on a Christian radio program to talk about your faith...
are you any certain religion?" I inquired.
"Sure...I'll do it! I'm a Wiccan...I was raised one." He responded.
Then he introduced himself to me as "Lucky" so I asked,
"Is that your real name?"
"It sure is! Look at this!" He said with a big smile.
Then he pulled down his bottom lip and showed me
what it said and sure enough he even had his name "Lucky" tattooed
inside his bottom lip. He wasn't joking.
And right above his name was a piercing of some sort. Ouch!

"Lucky, I'm a Christian but can you tell me why I'd
want to become a Wiccan like you are?...
In other words, why would anyone want to be a Wiccan?" I asked.
" can believe what you want to believe as a Wiccan
and you don't have to stick to just one there aren't any rules...
it's not narrow minded so you could be any religion you want."
He explained. Ray Comfort and Todd Friel did a wonderful job of
sharing the Gospel with Lucky.
He listened to what they had to say
and afterwards he and his friends had several
questions about the bible so we stood in a small circle and
I answered each question one by one. Then I presented the Gospel message again and
explained that even if we told just one lie we are guilty
of violating all the commandments (James 2:10)
and that Christ made it clear that He is the only way to be
forgiven before a just and holy God
who will punish all those that have violated His law.
If you didn't get to listen to the broadcast
you can listen here July 03, 2008 - Hour 2

Lucky, if you are reading this, thank you for talking with me today!
I know you guys had to go, but feel free to email me
or post a comment on my blog if you want to discuss more things.
I'd be glad to talk.

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Win Some, Lose Some, Live On! said...

ahhh... i'd be scared to talk to him!!! :D
trish u rock, even if i dont agree with your faith.
keep going strong in what you believe in.
Errie ~ Mz. Dangerouz