Monday, July 28, 2008

How do you deal with your fears?

Here's an email that was sent to me and I would like to hear how you would have responded:

"I realize you are VERY busy and, most likely, won't have time to stop and write me (and that's ok!) but I was wondering if any of the Way of the Master shows talk about the 'fear of witnessing?' For me, I feel like I'm not doing enough to get the gospel problem is...for me to go up to a stranger and give out a tract, it makes me shaky just thinking about it to be honest. It's ONLY strangers though. It makes me VERY sad and weary just thinking about all the unsaved people out in the world, but It doesn't help my fear..." Jessica

Here's a portion from my response:

"I think these two radio spots from The Way of the Master Radio might help you:
Way of the Master Radio Launched! and December 22, 2006 - Hour 2 Also, I think I address the fear problem in an interview I did a while back it might help a bit. Honestly Jessie, you just have to do it or else you wont overcome your fears at all…don’t even give yourself time to talk yourself out of passing out a tract etc…just do it! And if you get rejected here’s a blog to encourage you Don't Sting Them." :-)

What would you have said? Do you have a testimony or two of how you deal with fear while sharing your faith? Is there anything that you could say to those that are struggling with fear? Feel free to post a comment or email me your thoughts at


Wendy said...

First, I would tell Jessica that she is not alone. I think we all deal with fear when it comes to sharing our faith. Some things that have helped me are:

-Hand out tracts wherever you go. This will help build your confidence in approaching people. Even if you don't say anything you are still spreading the gospel.
-Go witnessing with a friend, it helps to have some moral support and to encourage each other. Surround yourself with other people who are passionate about's contagious.
-Go through the WOTM basic training course. It gives some wonderful tips and Biblical guidelines on how to deal with fear.
-Let your compassion swallow your fears...I wrote this in my notes from the Transformed conference and highlighted it. I tell myself this everytime I am nervous or afraid tp share my faith.
-If you can, go to a Transformed conference.

I have by no means mastered witnessing but I know from experience that you can overcome your fears and be an effective witness for Christ.

Fish with Trish said...

Thanks Wendy...great points!

LindaM said...

Trish, thanks for the generous offer. I love your two minute tips! You have helped me to be a bolder (but not bold enough) witness--I can't wait to meet you at the May Ambassadors' Alliance training.

I was impressed yesterday that we really do not know when we will die and how important it is to witness. One of my neighbors that I witnessed to a week ago for the School of Biblical Evangelism graduation requirements died yesterday. I don't think she was saved (at least not when we talked), but at least she heard the gospel.

Keep on fishin'!

Princess Lane said...

Hey, this is Jessica. Thanks so much for the advise Wendy! I haven't really been out anywhere for the last week or so, but I have been able to witness to one of my friends. I'm being able to ask her questions I never thought I'd have the courage to ask, so I am getting more confidant.
Thank you for your support and help!
God Bless!
~ Jessica ~

Fish with Trish said...

An encouraging email into FishwithTrish:

"Hi Trish, I too am one of those who gets scared when it comes to talking to stranges about the gospel. So I did it over the phone! I shared the gospel with my dad, brother, and my cousin over the phone (they live out of state). So, I would suggest to talk to the sales persons who calls you at home, see if that gets you warmed up! God Bless you,

RHEA said...

Trish, I agree with what you said. I think that the most important thing is just making yourself do it. It's about stepping out in faith. Last year I went on a mission trip to Las Vegas, and the first night we went out and street preached, I was so scared! The women were on one side of the street, and the men were on the other, and I was "volunteered" to be the first woman to go (everyone else was too scared). The thing is, once I got started, the fear began to leave. Not only that, b/c I was "brave" other people then got up and street preached. All they needed was a little encouragement.
Courage is not the lack of fear, but in doing what's right in SPITE of fear. I believe that God will reward our courageous behaviour.

Fish with Trish said...

Well said Rhea :-)

C.B. Shearer said...

Trisha and Jessica, and all the rest, I've spent 7 months in Southwest Asia and have been shot at twice (they missed), and I guarantee you that handing out my first ~500 Gospel tracts was more scary than getting shot at.

Practice makes perfect, and I also highly recommend the website adventures in Christianity for motivation, moral support, and finding fishers to go with you to follow the 2-by-2 mandate.


Fish with Trish said...

This came by way of email thought you'd be encouraged:

"I know exactly how Jessica feels. I have that fear as well...I have become comfortable with giving out million dollar tracts at drive thru's. Just last night on the way home from a softball game I stopped at sonic for some drinks. I asked the car hop how many people were working to night. She said about 8 or 9. So I gave her 9 million dollar tracts to pass out to everyone. I told here "Here pass these out,It is something for ya'll to read."... God bless you, Frank"

Melanie said...

One thing that helps me is to remember back to when I was an non believer. I remember rolling my eyes at Christians like they were fools. Inside of myself was a different story. I always knew on some level they were right. When someone reacts, it probably means they are being "hit". You just cannot really know what is going on inside of someone. And I remind myself that it is a spiritual battle, not to be adversarial with the person, but to remind myself that they are operating under horrible deception.