Thursday, June 26, 2008

I should blog more often about my weed problem!

Yesterday morning I was in my office working with the blinds closed. I usually have them shut. It stays cooler this way. Then I walked by my front door and noticed that Keith and Miriam, my in-laws, had parked their black Navigator outside my house and I saw a lawn mower in my cul-da-sac. "That's strange...I wonder what they are doing here" I thought. Then I saw this as I peered out my front door (above).

If you haven't already guessed it, Keith and Miriam read my blog the other day about Removing Sin at the Root!

In this blog entry, I talk about tips on weeding and keeping our hearts free from sin. After reading my blog, [they must have felt sorry for me pulling my weeds all by my lonesome self :-) ] Keith and Miriam decided to show up, unannounced, and landscaped our entire front yard and surprised us.
I was so overwhelmed! I skipped to the kitchen and grabbed my camera. "I can't believe them...I can't believe them...they're wonderful!" I said out loud waking Emilio up.

I ran out the door and started snapping shots of them working in my yard. "This is incredible! What are you guys doing?!!!"

"We came to bless you!" They said.

"Thank you so much!!!...thank you--thank you--thank you! You must have read my blog about how I was pulling my weeds the other day!"

"We sure did...and we wanted to surprise you!" Keith said.

I must have thanked them 30 times yesterday and they probably got tired of hearing sound like a broken record.
But here goes one more thanks:

I thank Keith and Miriam for being the most wonderful in-laws any Christian girl could ask for. For years, before I was married, I prayed for the man I was going to marry. And in that prayer I asked the Lord specifically that if it be His will He would find favor on me and bless me with wonderful in-laws one day that would live to serve Him and be a blessing to me and my husband (whoever he was going to be).

From the met and then married Emilio, I was blown away by Keith and Miriam's generosity, hospitality, love for the saints, faithfullness, and most of all their desire to serve Christ above all things. Last year, they picked up their lives in California and moved to Texas to help plant Sovereign Joy Community Church. Though they would never say this about themselves...they serve with the church and others with joy, tirelessly. Keith and Miriam have blessed my soul in ways more than words can express and the Lord has answered my prayers beyond anything I could have asked or thought!

Eph. 3:20-21
Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.


Mark said...


You have a dog? Oh, please do tell about the puppy!

The things I enjoy talking peoples' ears off the most are:

1) The Lord
2) Evangelism
3) My wife and kids
4) My dogs
5) The New England Patriots

On some days, 5 becomes 4 and 4 becomes 5.

We have a lapdog named Winnie the Poodle, and I love her more than I should. We also have a Golden Retriever named Shiloh, and though he's 100+ lbs, he thinks he's the size of the 8 lb poodle. Ugh.

Fish with Trish said...

Hi Mark...yep that's my dog her name is Baby and since we moved to Texas we gave her a middle name..."Sue" so now we call her Baby Sue. She's the cuttest thing. She was a street dog from the mean streets of Riverside CA (where we use to live).