Friday, May 2, 2008

The Way of the Master Radio Yesterday-Hour 2 with Sadie

"Sadie what is your number one fear in life?" I asked.
"Living in utter confusion and chaos...
I just want peace--I want to find peace...
I've been thinking about God and even praying lately."

I thank God that I had the opportunity
to share the Good news with Sadie.
I explained to her how God's law is like a mirror
to show us how we look according to God.
"It's frightening to think I've broke the laws of God."
Sadie expressed.

Sadie will only find peace with God through Christ
and this is the best peace anyone can ever obtain.
I pleaded with her to get right with God and not wait.
Only the Lord knows what she will do next.
You can listen to the full radio segment HERE.
It starts about 20 minutes into the hour.

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