Thursday, May 8, 2008

"I like your hair?"

I had a layover in Indianapolis and minutes before boarding the plane I walked past a group of youngsters and heard one whisper, "I like her hair."

"This is a perfect opportunity to give them tracts!" I thought.

So I turned around and with a smile I said, "Did one of you say, "I like her hair?"

"Yes...I did!" exclaimed one teen-age girl.

I was extremely grateful for the comment because a friend high-lighted my hair the week prior and it turned out to be far more blond than I expected.

So I pulled out a stack of million dollar bill tracts and said, "Since you made such a nice comment about my hair this is for you and all your friends! It's a way of me saying thank you for your kindness!" They busted into laughter and began passing the millions to one another.

Then I said, "Since you like those so much--I have something else for you." I reached into my purse and demonstrated the pink and blue gospel tracts. They were totally dumbfounded as to how the trick worked. I explained that it was an illusion, and told them to make sure and read the back.

As I walked off to catch my plane, I looked back over my shoulder to wave to them, but each had their heads down and were intensely reading the tracts. So the next time anyone pays you a compliment...seize the moment and hand them a gospel tract as a way of expressing your gratitude.


Rhea said...

What a great opportunity!

LaPorte said...

That's awesome! Good idea!!

Melanie said...

Okay I am going to start highlighting my hair again! said...

Wow, I didn't realize what a great opportunity getting my hair highlighted was. I guess now I just have to wait for a compliment!