Thursday, May 15, 2008

"I guess I haven't really taken it day I will."

Tyler was on Hour 1 today of The Way of the Master Radio.
He admitted that both his mom and dad have been telling him
about Jesus and what Christ did on the cross so that he can be forgiven.
"I guess I haven't really taken it day I will." He explained.

Tyler if you are reading this, please don't wait another minute...
listen to what Ray said, and what your parents have been telling you
and get right with God today!
From what you told me, it sounds like your folks really care about
your soul--so take it seriously and think about it today
because tomorrow might not come...
remember you're young but not too young to die.
Thank you for taking the time to be on the program today.

If you would like to listen
radio broadcast it starts around the 40 min. mark.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sis!

Your doing great works! sorry for not being by in awhile, I've been at Ray's & Tony's. Hope you are in good health.

Your such an encouragement to me!
(so sweet 2!) ;)

God Bless! take care ...