Thursday, May 8, 2008

Christian Buddhist?! Huh?

Lenny was on The Way of the Master Hour 1 and it was probably
the most unusual encounter I've heard in awhile
If you were listening in--I think you'd agree! :-)

Surprisingly, Lenny was very kind to me after he got off the air.
Maybe it was because I didn't get into anything with him.
If you missed this segment you can tune in to see why.
It starts about 40 minutes into the program Listen HERE
Note: We have removed Lenny's pics because of a personal request from Lenny.


Michelle Miano said...

That was a very interesting conversation that Todd had with him. We should pray that he comes to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

KD said...

Wow! That was uncomfortable to listen to much less be the one talking to this guy. He really seemed to have an axe to grind with Christianity.

Melanie said...

I heard this one and I was just so very proud of Todd and his responses. He was awesome. This guy frightened me.... for him, because he had such a convoluted view of the truth. Definitely one that has created his own god.

The woman in the next hour wasn't much better.

Trish and Todd you both rock!

Fish with Trish said...'re right when you say, "the woman in the next hour wasn't much better." Yikes...last Thursday was definitly a strange day. Thank you for your encouragement and for listening to the program. It's so important for us to stand for truth in a society that is so watered down.

JesusRulzMe said...

Just another reminder why we need to press on toward the goal God has called us in Christ Jesus! :-)

Since I was raised in a Buddhist household (and was the only Christian), I can say Lenny was truly arguing with Todd, just to argue since everything he said about the Buddhist religion just wasn't true. Not only do they worship Buddha, but dead ancestors as well. And when I say "worship" I mean, bow down, pray, prepare a "holy" meal and burn incense for Buddha and their dead ancestors to come eat and give them favor.

So, there you go! Tell Todd not to feel so bad. He did a great job with a guy who had no idea what he was talking about. :-)