Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Encouraging Story!

This came into the Fish with Trish and I thought you would find encouragement from someone else who took the One-To-One Challenge to share their faith:

Hey Trish...I live in Denton, Texas and listen to way of the Master radio all the time. I have your web site and took your challenge. I'm an airline pilot and I travel a lot. Yesterday I was in Hawaii walking when i was approached by individuals trying to sign me on as Green Peace members. I took the challenge to them.

The first young man whose name is Alex, received the msg and acknowledged after hearing the law that he wasn't a good person. He said however he wasn't ready yet to make a commitment to Jesus. He still had too many unanswered questions.

The other young lady began to eagerly listen to me. But after she knew where I was going with this, she stopped me to say she believed she had heard this before. And her boss was standing near by so she better get back to work, She excused herself and I abruptly had to finish...Oh well First time experience. Next time Ill have a couple of tracks to hand them..

Gary Huhn
Denton, Texas


Michelle Miano said...

That is so very encouraging! Thanks for posting the story Trish!

Fish with Trish said...

Thank you Michelle! Your story is impacting and challenging people to take their first step to do one-to-ones. Thanks for all you do for the Lord. :-)