Thursday, April 17, 2008

Only God knows what he will do next

Brandon was on the first segment of The Way of the Master Radio today.

After he got off the phone with Ray Comfort and Todd Friel, Brandon said, "I want to be born again, I guess I have been caught up with life and to busy for the things of God...I want to have the guarantee that I'll be in heaven."

I reiterated the commandments and explained what a false convert is and how he could be forgiven for his sins. He listened.
Only God knows what he will do next.

Brandon, if you are reading this I plead with you to consider the things that were spoken to you today. You may not have tomorrow!
If you are reading this, it's not too late to cry out to God to forgive you of your sins (repent of the things you are doing that don't please God) and place all your faith in Jesus Christ to save you. God will never ever let you down. Thank you for being on the program!

You can listen to the full radio segment HERE. It starts about 40 minutes into the hour.

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