Friday, March 7, 2008

Witnessing to Muslims in the Snow!

If you didn't tune in. It's not too late click HERE
it starts around the 20 min mark and continues for 2 full segments!


Becc@ said...

Thanks so much for all your posting and everything! You're a huge encouragement to me! I love your bold witness for Christ. I really appreciated the video clip I saw of you on your website... you did a wonderful job presenting the gospel message!
I'm sixteen years old, and there's nothing I love more than to learn how to better share my Faith with those around me!
Thank you SO much!!!
God Bless You!

Fish with Trish said...

Thank you becc@ for reading my blog! Glad you're enjoying it!

It's really inspiring to see a young girl, your age, desiring to share your faith. What a blessing!

Keep up the great work in the Lord and don't forget to share your faith--while there is still time.

Your friend,