Friday, February 29, 2008

You thought Todd Friel was tall--look at Keith!

Todd Friel is really not as tall as I thought after standing next to this young man. :-)

I went to the University of North Texas in Denton yesterday. Keith, is an atheist. He was on Hour 1 and spoke with Todd (Host of The Way of the Master Radio).

I tried to talk with Keith after the program but I could tell he was not interested. He said, "I'll take the risk of being wrong."

He refused to take a DVD I offered and didn't want the million dollar bill gospel tract either. Then as he hurried off down the campus stairs I said, "Please think about the things that were spoken to you today." He smiled.

If you would like to listen to the entire segment with Keith and Todd click here February 28, 2008 - Hour 1 it starts around the 40 min mark.


WayneDawg said...

Maybe this is a dumb question, but, where is your other shoe?

Normally I don't notice details (ask my wife) but that one stood out.

Fish with Trish said...

Hi Waynedawg, this is too funny that you asked. I have been getting this same question emailed to me. I took one shoe off to see how short I really looked compared to Keith. So I removed one of my shoes. The shoe had about a two inch+ heal on it. :-)

Steven (manager of a few websites) said...

Athiests are fun, eh?... I had the opportunity to talk to one who was the produce manager at a local Publix just last week... I think we made progress... I think... at any rate, his name was Tony and I'm still praying for him...

your friend and a fellow servant of Christ, Steven : )