Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Am I really that crazy?--Only on a windy day!

I would never get in a car with two guys all alone--my husband would not be a happy camper --to say the least. And this is one rule of thumb when street witnessing- try to go in two's, especially if you are a women and never get in a car with two strange men! :-)

For every fishing segment I have at least three others accompaning me and one of them is my father-in-law. So rest assured Ray, Todd and all our listeners, I'm in good hands. :-)

If you weren't listening to last Thursday's broadcast of The Way of the Master Radio then this won't make any sense to you--so you'll just have to tune in! If you would like to listen to the full segment it starts about 20 minutes into the hour it was pretty lively and sounded like I was going to get caught up in a whirl wind. Click here January 31, 2008 - Hour 2 to listen!

Jered was on the second segment of the program. You might remember him. He was walking out of his yoga class at the community college. I was in the car. "Excuse me! Do you have a quick second?" Everyone in the car was laughing at me. "Trisha you are crazy." Miriam said.

It was so cold out and this pour young man must have been freezing. He walked up to the car and I explained to him what we were doing, "Sure, I'll do it--I'll be on the radio!" He said, with out any hesitation. I was relieved.

It was a windy day, to say the least and so he took my cell phone and went in his car and talked with Ray. I just love technology.

Jered seemed to be very receptive to the Gospel while he was talking with Ray and afterwards when I followed up with him. He listened intently as I spoke and seemed thankful. I just pray that he considers everything I said. He was a nice young man. I left him with several tracts and things. He was happy and so was I to get out of that windy place.

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Christina said...

I remember this show! Ray was so worried about you....glad to hear you always go fishing with an entourage! :-)