Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I picked up this book and minutes later I was halfway through it!

My husband and I went to dinner at a friend's house (Jay and Christina) the other night. The enchilada's were great and so was the cheesecake.

After dinner, we got to talking about how Randy Alcorn has a good book out, called, Money, Possessions and Eternity. Then, with in minutes, Christina handed me this little book (see left). "This is by Randy Alcorn too." She said. "And John MacArthur gave this out at the Master's Seminary--to the students...it must be really important." She explained. "Do you mind if I borrow it?" I inquired. "Sure." She happily handed it to me.

Last night, I picked up the book and minutes later I was halfway through it! It is a powerful reminder as to why we should remain sexually pure. This book deals with raising children to embrace sexual purity by providing an example of purity in the home, protecting purity in dating (at any age), and maintaining purity in marriage. In 93 pages, the author is biblical, practical, and concise. So whether you are single, married, or are raising young adults who will soon be married, this book is a must read. I think I am going to finish the other half tonight!


NYC said...

I'm so glad that I had the time to check out your blog today. Thanks for highlighting this book; I am going to search for it :)

Fish with Trish said...

I am almost finished with it now it is worth a read :-)