Friday, December 7, 2007

"Josh has done many things wrong."

I asked Josh and his wife Kristen, yesterday, as they were walking into Best Buy if they would be on the radio program. They paused, smiled and said "Sure." I had only a couple seconds before air time. In fact, I had my cell phone to my ear as I was asking them-I could actually hear Todd and Ray talking live on the other end.

While Josh was on the air, his wife and I listened in through the car window on a local land line. I think she was shocked that all this was happening. It's not every day that some crazy lady walks up, out of the blue, and puts you on a radio show.

Kristen listened with a big smile and boldly said, "Josh has done many things wrong." She laughed. Then as Ray was bringing Josh though the law she got more and more serious as the seconds passed. I continued to listen in with her.

When Josh got off the air I asked, "So how did it go Josh?" "Well, I sure wasn't expecting that." He said. "Did it make sense Josh-I mean do you understand that you broke God's law and that you need someone to pay the fine?" He nodded.

Josh told me, "I have really cleaned up my life and hate living the way I use to." His wife nodded. They both were honest and Josh explained how he was trying to clean up his life, which I commended him for, yet reminded him that he still needs someone to pay his fine. I think they both got the message after we talked for a while.

I gave them a bunch of tracts which they seemed to really enjoy as well as two new bibles. I challenged them to read a chapter together, out loud, before they go to bed at night. They nodded and said they would.

Click here December 06, 2007 - Hour 1 to listen to the full segment it starts about 40 minutes into the program.

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