Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Gospel in 30 Seconds!

Some of you might remember me mentioning that a wonderful couple (Manuel and Mariya) from Cannes, France (close to Monaco) who let myself and The Way of the Master film crew stay at their hotel (Hotel Alexandre III for no cost while we traveled to 13 Countries in 13 days. They are amazing people and they really love the Lord. It is a small world, because I got an email from them, the other day, that they were in the Dallas area, visiting family. After a short correspondence my husband and I met with them at a local mall. I was so happy to see them. I embraced them both and thanked them for all they did for our team when we were in France. We all had huge smiles. What a wonderful reunion!

We talked about witnessing and Manuel explained, "Ever since the team left, that day, I have not been the same!" "Yes!" Mariya added. "He preaches the Gospel now everywhere he goes." We had a great time of fellowship and at one point I shared with them that you can practically share the Gospel with people in about 30 seconds. I thought you, too, might like to read our latest correspondence.

Manuel and Mariya write:

"Hey Trish, while driving back home I tried to remember how did you preach the Gospel in 30 seconds... I couldn’t remember exactly. Can you please write me the logic you use? The way you put it yesterday was awesome and I think that if I can make it in 30 seconds too, will help me to share the Gospel. Sometimes my excuse to not share is that I have to take 10 minutes at least to take them thru the commandments, etc; the WDJD scheme... Can you write me the reasoning you used?"

Here's my response to Manuel and Mariya:

I will usually ask them "Which one is bigger?" While showing them the Pink and Blue Curved Illusion Tracts. Or I will hand them a Million Dollar Bill and say something like "Did you get one of these?" Then all I need is for them to show some interest and say, "Where did you get these" and if they respond like that I will usually say something to the effect of, "These are gospel tracts...they have a gospel message on the back...I got them from a Christian you have a religious background?" I let them respond and no matter what religion they are---even if they "say" they are Christians, I will still talk to them about the Gospel because many proclaim to be "Christians" but are not.

So then I quickly go through the good person test and say, "Here's why I give these out. Think about it like this, if you have lied or stolen something in your life (like I have) or used God's name in an irreverent way, the bible says that if you have violated one of the commandments then you have violated all--and because God is a righteous judge he has to punish law breakers and that place of punishment is called Hell -- but there is good news--the reason why Christ died on the cross was because we need someone to pay our fine---you see--you broke the law and He (Jesus) paid the fine for sinners and then He rose from the dead. If you repent (turn) from your sins and trust in Christ you will be saved. Saved from what? Saved from hell."

This seems like a lot but when you practice it over and over it becomes as easy and natural as drinking water. Just to comfort you, I still am gripped with fear almost every time I go to share my faith but I just think about their souls going to Hell and that pretty much will snap me out of it. Besides, it is sort of an adrenaline rush. Once you have passed out your first tract you want to keep passing out more and once you open your mouth and talk to someone sharing with the next person comes much easier. It is always the first encounter that is difficult.

And remember, you can never loose by giving out a tract. Either the person will, 1. get saved, 2. have a seed planted, 3. drop the tract on the floor and someone else will come by and pick it up or, 4. they will get mad at you and the bible says great is your reward, in heaven, when you are persecuted for the Lord's sake. So it is a win win situation! Now if I don't have time to say all of that, I will simply give them the tract and tell them to make sure they read the Gospel message on the back and to think about if they were to die tonight where they would go. That literally takes about 5 seconds to say. Then almost every time, I leave, people have their eyes glued to the tracts and you just put a smile on their face. Hope that helps. Thank you Manuel and Mariya for all you do!

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