Tuesday, December 11, 2007

An Encouraging Email

This came into the Living Waters Ministry, the other day, and it was such a blessing for me to read.

"A quick funny story, about Trish. This was months ago... she was witnessing to two unmarried young people on the radio, and as she was talking to them, I said to myself (out loud in the car) "She's going to ask them if they're fornicating. She's going to ask them. I just know it!"And no sooner did I say that she said something like, "Now I have to ask you, are you two sleeping together? Because if you are, God sees that as a sin and a violation of the 7th commandment" or something like that. I burst out laughing so hard, not because it is funny (because it's not) but because I KNEW you'd have the chutzpah to ask them that! I think I emailed Todd Friel that day and told him to give you a raise! God bless, sister! In Christ, Mark"

Thank you Mark for your encouraging words! It really means a lot.


Mark said...

Trish, it's my pleasure. (I'm the "Mark" who sent you the email.)

I always enjoy it when you're the fisher on WOTMR because I always can count on you witnessing to 300 lb. linebackers, or going to a Hindu Temple, or interviewing a Jewish Rabbi, or some other brash move. What's next? Witnessing on the International Space Station? (I'm sure you'd find a way!!!)

You're bravery encourages the rest of us and helps us step further out of our comfort zones.

in Christ and for His glory,


Fish with Trish said...

Thanks Mark!