Friday, November 30, 2007

You Just Never Know...

You just never know…

The first segment of the Way of the Master Radio was with Ty. He was not sure that he wanted to even be on the air but with some encouragement, he went for it.

Ty had made a god in his own image to suit himself. In his worldview, God did not reveal Himself in the Bible. In his words, "the Bible has contradictions". I guess after having your mouth wired shut for 2 months is not enough to put the fear of God in you. When asked what exactly these contradictions were, he actually did not know. I told him that he was basing his entire eternal destiny upon something he could not even articulate.

It is always amazing to see people toss the Bible aside as if it was a work of gorillas. Few know that the bible is not one book and that it was not written by just one person. Ty was very challenged by the Gospel and said that he needed to do more research. Because Ty had rejected the Bible it was not surprising to find that he did not know much about, God, death, the afterlife, or the way of salvation.

I think Ty's friend Scott was very impacted as he listened to the show in his car. I approached him after the radio spot and asked, "Where you listening?" He shook his head in disapproval and said, "Yep…there is one thing Ty said that I would not of said…" "What's that?" I inquired. "Ty said that he didn't fear God…and I would have never said that…I fear God!" He said with his hand on his chin.

Scott really enjoyed the curved illusion tract. He was very receptive as I talked to him outside his car…so you just never know.

Click here November 29, 2007 - Hour 1 to listen to the full segment it starts about 40 minutes in to the program.


The best of all is... said...

I was just writing to tell you that I enjoy listening to the Way of the Master Radio program. I work at a missions organization in Dallas and I listen to WOTMR pretty much everyday. The Lord has used WOTM to effect my life. I've grown to love witnessing and preaching the Gospel. It is only by His grace. Keep on preaching!

Fish with Trish said...

I am glad you have been impacted by The Way of the Master Radio. Thanks for listening and for the comment!